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Ultimate Mount Bromo Tour Package with All Inclusive Prices

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There are many different Mount Bromo tour packages available, depending on your budget and what type of tour you are looking for. Some companies offer day tours from nearby cities such as Surabaya or Malang, while others offer multi-day trekking tours that include camping on the mountain. No matter which type of tour you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes.

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If you want to see one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world, you need to head to Mount Bromo in Indonesia. This active volcano is surrounded by a sea of sand, and watching the sun come up over it is an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of tour companies that offer Mount Bromo tours, and they typically include transportation from Surabaya or Malang, overnight accommodation near the mountain, and a jeep tour of the area.

Some even include a trek up to the crater rim for an even better view. No matter which company you choose, a Mount Bromo tour is sure to be a highlight of your time in Indonesia.

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Visiting An Active Volcano (Mount Bromo, Indonesia) – Rozz Recommends: EP13

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Mount Bromo?

Welcome to my blog post about the cost of visiting Mount Bromo! Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why. The active volcano is an incredible sight, and hiking to the crater’s edge is an unforgettable experience.

But how much does it cost to go to Mount Bromo? The answer depends on a few factors, such as whether you’re staying in a hotel near the mountain or taking a day trip from elsewhere in Java. If you’re staying nearby, your accommodation will likely include a jeep tour of the area, which is the best way to see Mount Bromo.

Day trips are also possible, but they can be quite expensive. Here’s a breakdown of some typical costs associated with visiting Mount Bromo: – Jeep tour: $40-$50 per person

– Hotel near Mount Bromo: $60-$100 per night

Is Mount Bromo Worth a Visit?

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and a popular tourist destination in East Java, Indonesia. It is one of the most visited places in the country, and for good reason – the views from the top are simply stunning. The crater is surrounded by a sea of sand, which makes for a very unique landscape.

The best time to visit Mount Bromo is during the dry season, which runs from April to November. This is when you can expect clear skies and good visibility. The peak season is July and August, when many Indonesians take their annual holidays.

If you want to avoid the crowds, aim for shoulder months like April or November. To get to Mount Bromo, you first need to travel to nearby Cemoro Lawang village. From there, it’s a short hike or jeep ride up to the crater rim.

You can also choose to stay overnight in one of the many hotels or homestays in Cemoro Lawang – this way you can catch sunrise at Mount Bromo, which is an unforgettable experience.

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When Should I Go to Bromo?

Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It last erupted in 2016, and its eruptions can be unpredictable. The best time to visit Bromo is during the dry season from April to November.

During this time, the weather is typically clear and there is less chance of rain or clouds obscuring the view of the volcano.

Is Mount Bromo Hard to Climb?

Climbing Mount Bromo is not a difficult feat and can be done by people of all ages and levels of fitness. The hardest part of the climb is likely the last few hundred metres where the trail gets steeper and rockier. However, even this section can be navigated with ease if you take your time and follow the well-marked path.

Once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding area, including the crater lake that sits in the centre of Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo Tour Package

Credit: javaadventuretrail.com

Mount Bromo Tour Package 3 Days

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia is Mount Bromo. Located in East Java, this volcano is a part of the Tengger Massif and sits at an altitude of 2,329 meters (7,641 feet). The best way to see Mount Bromo is by taking a tour package.

There are many companies that offer Mount Bromo tour packages, but we recommend taking a 3-day package so that you have enough time to explore the area and take in all the sights. Day 1 will be spent traveling from your hotel in Surabaya or Malang to Cemoro Lawang village, which is located near Mount Bromo. This journey will take around 4 hours by car or 6 hours by train.

Once you arrive in Cemoro Lawang, you’ll check into your hotel and have some free time to relax before dinner. Day 2 is when the fun begins! You’ll wake up early and head to Pananjakan viewpoint to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo and the surrounding volcanoes.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss! After enjoying the sunrise, you’ll trek down into the crater of Mount Bromo where you can see steaming lava vents up close. Then it’s back to the hotel for breakfast before heading out again on another adventure: a jeep safari through the sea of sand!

This unique landscape is unlike anything else on earth and makes for an incredible photo opportunity. The final day of your tour will be spent exploring more of East Java’s natural beauty with a visit to Kawah Ijen crater lake. Here you can see blue flames coming from sulfuric gas vents – it’s truly surreal!

You’ll also have chance to hike up Mt Ijen for even more stunning views before returning back to Surabaya or Malang airport for your flight home.

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Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo

Have you ever wanted to see a live volcano? Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, and it’s definitely a sight to behold! A tour from Probolinggo is the perfect way to see this amazing natural wonder.

Your tour will start with a drive from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang, which is the closest village to Mount Bromo. From there, you’ll take a jeep ride up to Mount Pananjakan, where you’ll get an incredible view of the sunrise over the volcanic landscape. After enjoying the sunrise, you’ll head down into the crater of Mount Bromo for a closer look.

This is an amazing experience that you won’t want to miss!

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package

Have you ever wanted to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world? If so, then a Mount Bromo sunrise tour is something that you must experience at least once in your lifetime! Located in East Java, Indonesia, Mount Bromo is an active volcano that last erupted in 2016.

Despite its volatile history, the mountain is now a popular tourist destination due to its unique beauty and easy accessibility. There are many different ways to see Mount Bromo, but the most popular option is to take a jeep tour from the nearby city of Probolinggo. The journey takes around 3 hours each way, but it’s well worth it for the incredible views that await you at the top!

Once you arrive at Mount Bromo, you’ll be able to watch the sun rise over the surrounding mountains and valleys. The whole experience is truly unforgettable and something that you’ll treasure for years to come. If you’re interested in booking a Mount Bromo sunrise tour, there are plenty of reputable companies that offer them.

Do some research and read reviews before choosing one so that you can be sure to have the best possible experience.


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That’s a steal!

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