Discover the Best Places to Visit at Historic Pabst Brewery

The best place at the Historic Pabst Brewery is the Blue Ribbon Hall. This hall was once used as a beer bottling plant and is now a beautiful event space. The hall features high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and large windows that let in natural light.

The space is perfect for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and more.

If you’re looking for a historic and unique place to have a night out, look no further than the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee! The Pabst Brewery is one of the oldest and most well-known breweries in America, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Even if you’re not a beer drinker, the Pabst Brewery has something for everyone.

There are tours available that will take you through the history of the brewery and show you how the beer is made. And, of course, there are plenty of bars and restaurants on site where you can enjoy a cold pint (or two). Whether you’re looking for a night of history or just a fun night out, the Pabst Brewery is definitely the place to be.

Best Place at Historic Pabst Brewery

What Happened to the Pabst Brewery?

In 1844, Captain Frederick Pabst was born in Prussia. He emigrated to the United States in 1850 and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1861, he began working for Best & Company, a brewery founded by German immigrant Jacob Best.

When Phillip best retired in 1864, Pabst became the company’s superintendent. Under his leadership, the brewery grew and prospered. In 1888, Pabst married Maria Best, Phillip’s daughter.

Pabst Brewing Company was formally incorporated in 1889. The following year, Pabst won the prestigious “Blue Ribbon” at the Chicago World’s Fair. This award helped propel the brewery to national prominence and inspired the company’s slogan “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous.”

In 1904, Pabst built a new state-of-the-art brewing facility on Milwaukee’s north side. The original brewing complex on Chestnut Street was demolished and replaced with an office building that still stands today. Under Captain Pabst’s leadership, the brewery continued to grow and prosper throughout the early 20th century.

However, after his death in 1904, control of the company passed to his son Emil who was not as successful as his father had been. Emil ran into financial difficulties and was forced to sell controlling interest in the brewery to investors in 1919. This marked the beginning of a long decline for Pabst Brewing Company which culminated in its bankruptcy and sale in 1996.

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon Owned by a Russian Company?

No, Pabst Blue Ribbon is not owned by a Russian company. The brand was actually founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1844 by Jacob Best and his sons August and Frederick. In 1860, the company was renamed after its flagship beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Today, it is owned by Pabst Brewing Company, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Why Did Pabst Leave Milwaukee?

The Pabst Brewing Company was founded in Milwaukee in 1844 by Jacob Best. The company remained in the Best family until 1966, when it was sold to local investors. In 1975, the Pabst Brewing Company was acquired by Paul Kalmanovitz, a California businessman.

Under Kalmanovitz’s ownership, the company experienced financial difficulties and ceased operations in 1996. The Pabst Brewing Company was then sold to an investment group led by C. Dean Metropoulos. The new owners restarted production of Pabst beer in 1999 and continue to produce it today.

So why did Pabst leave Milwaukee? There are a few reasons. First, under Kalmanovitz’s ownership, the company struggled financially and eventually had to cease operations.

Second, after being sold to Metropoulos’s investment group, the new owners decided to restart production at a different location (California). Finally, Milwaukee is no longer home to the largest concentration of blue-collar workers in the United States – a demographic that has been historically loyal to Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon Still Brewed in Milwaukee?

Yes, Pabst Blue Ribbon is still brewed in Milwaukee at the former Miller Brewing Company campus. The Pabst Brewing Company was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best and his sons Charles and Frederick. In 1882, the company was sold to Frederick Pabst, who renamed it after its most popular beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Today, the brewing company is owned by Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings, LLC., which is a subsidiary of Pabst Brewing Company.

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

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Pabst Brewery Tour

Welcome to the Pabst Brewery Tour! We are excited to provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s most iconic breweries. Our tour will take you through the historic Pabst Brewery, which has been producing beer since 1844.

You’ll learn about the brewing process and see some of the original equipment that was used to brew Pabst Blue Ribbon, the world’s best-selling American beer. We’ll also share some stories about the brewery’s rich history. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a chance to sample some of our beers in our tasting room.

We hope you enjoy your time at the Pabst Brewery!

Pabst Milwaukee Brewery

Pabst Milwaukee Brewery is a historic brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The brewery was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best and his sons Charles and Frederick. Pabst Milwaukee Brewery was one of the largest breweries in the world by the early 20th century.

The brewery’s flagship beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Pabst Milwaukee Brewery is located on the west side of downtown Milwaukee. The brewery complex includes several buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Brew House (1872), Machine Shop (1893), Office Building (1902), Power House (1905), and Stables (1906).

The Pabst Brewing Company operated at this location until 1996, when it moved operations to Miller Brewing Company in Miller Valley, Wisconsin.

Pabst Brewery Hotel

Pabst Brewery Hotel, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a historic hotel that was once the home of Pabst Brewing Company. The hotel has been renovated and now features modern amenities while still maintaining its original charm. Guests can enjoy on-site dining, a fitness center, and complimentary WiFi.

The Pabst Brewery Hotel is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along for the stay.


This is a great place to visit if you’re a fan of beer or history. The Pabst Brewery has been around for over 150 years and is full of interesting stories and artifacts. The tour is educational and fun, and the beer is delicious.

If you’re in Milwaukee, this is definitely a place worth checking out.

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