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Skip These: Things Not Worth Seeing in Copenhagen

Skip These: Things Not Worth Seeing in Copenhagen

“skip the little mermaid statue and tivoli gardens if you’re short on time in copenhagen.” Copenhagen, denmark’s capital, is a wonderful city full of famous landmarks, unique architecture, and unparalleled beauty.

However, there are a few places that you may not find worth visiting. The iconic little mermaid statue is the city’s most famous attraction, but it is small and often crowded, making it difficult to enjoy. Similarly, tivoli gardens, although one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, can be quite expensive and crowded.

Instead, try exploring some of the city’s hidden gems, like the ny carlsberg glyptotek art museum or the canal tours copenhagen boat tours. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, copenhagen has plenty to offer.

Skip These: Things Not Worth Seeing in Copenhagen


Copenhagen As A Tourist Destination

Copenhagen is a wonderful city filled with charm and beauty. It’s a popular tourist destination, with top attractions that you’ll definitely want to see. However, there are some things not worth seeing in copenhagen. One such attraction is tivoli gardens, which may be fun but not worth the high entrance fee.

Another is the little mermaid statue, which is often crowded with tourists and not as impressive in person. Instead, explore the city’s lesser-known gems, such as the picturesque nyhavn harbor or the stunning interior of the church of our saviour.

With its quaint streets, colorful houses, and surprisingly relaxed atmosphere, copenhagen is a city that rewards those who look beyond the usual tourist spots.

Skip These: Things Not Worth Seeing In Copenhagen

The little mermaid statue, gracing the copenhagen harbor, left many tourists unimpressed. Overhyped and small, the statue fails to impress visitors seeking grandeur. The same can be said about tivoli gardens, the famous amusement park, which, although fun, is overcrowded and overpriced.

Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous community, is another attraction not worth the risk. Visitors have reported being threatened and harassed in this dystopian village. Similarly, hans christian andersen’s house, while an important historical site, is unremarkable and dull. Lastly, nyhavn, known for its vibrant colors and canal views, is not worth the hustle and bustle of crowds.

If you’re looking for authentic, memorable experiences in copenhagen, skip these overrated sights.

Alternative Activities And Hidden Gems In Copenhagen

If you’re looking for alternative activities and hidden gems in copenhagen, there are plenty of options beyond the tourist hotspots. For something different, visit the free town of christiania during the daytime and soak up the community’s unique culture. Or, explore the vibrant street art scene in copenhagen’s districts, where you can see impressive works of art from local artists.

For a truly danish experience, head to one of copenhagen’s cozy cafes and embrace the concept of hygge. You’ll also find a range of fun museums off the beaten path, covering everything from curious medical collections to the history of bicycles.

Finally, take a relaxing canal cruise away from the busy nyhavn area and see copenhagen from a new perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Things Not Worth Seeing In Copenhagen

Is Tivoli Gardens Worth Visiting In Copenhagen?

Tivoli gardens may not be worth the visit since the park can be crowded and expensive. If you’re not a fan of amusement parks, it’s probably best to skip it. However, if you enjoy rides and attractions, tivoli gardens is a great choice.

Are There Any Tourist Traps In Copenhagen To Avoid?

Yes, there are several. The little mermaid statue is often overcrowded, nyhavn is overpriced, and the carlsberg brewery tour is underwhelming. Avoid these places unless you have a specific interest. There are plenty of other attractions in copenhagen worth exploring.

Should I Spend Time Visiting The Round Tower?

The round tower is iconic and offers great views of copenhagen. However, the view isn’t worth the climb if you’re short on time. Plus, the tower’s interior is quite plain. You can get better views at christiansborg palace tower and city hall tower.


As we conclude our journey through the things not worth seeing in copenhagen, we hope we’ve helped you avoid some tourist traps. Copenhagen is a beautiful city with plenty of things to see and do, but it’s helpful to know what to skip when time is tight.

Skipping the little mermaid statue, nyhavn’s crowded cafés and souvenir shops, and the underwhelming tivoli gardens can save you time and money. Instead, spend your time discovering hidden gems like christianshavn’s canals, strøget’s shopping, and freetown christiania’s alternative community. Remember, the best way to truly experience copenhagen is to explore it at your own pace.

And with our guide to the things not worth seeing, you’ll have more time to do just that. So get lost in the winding streets, try some local cuisine, and enjoy all the beautiful sights copenhagen has to offer.

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